Whose wedding is this anyway?

The day of my dreams is getting closer. I have envisioned this in my head since I was a little girl. I want the perfect venue, beautiful decorations,  a DJ that rocks the house and all my family and friends to accompany us on our special day. Perfect! That’s what I want!

Unfortunately,  all the planning in the world there will always be stress along the way and not everything is always perfect.

Each couple needs to communicate and discuss every little detail. Most importantly,  know your budget. The hardest part of a marriage can be financial stress. Although you may have this perfect day in your head, it may not be realistic.

Family and friends will want input.  They want it as special as you do. However, if they are not helping you pay for it,  remember, it’s your day. The average do it yourself wedding is a minimum of $5000. They go all the way up to $20,000 or more depending on your choices. Just think what you could do with that money if you didn’t spend it for one day only.

Many couples think they need a huge catered meal and alcohol for guest to come share your day. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Uncle Joe may tell you, I am not coming if I cant drink. Or Grandma Mary may say, you have to have a big meal. Well who says they get to decide?

When it comes to your wedding, there are no rules! You set the rules. If a catered meal isn’t in your budget, then just have cake and punch.  Or light appetizers and snacks. If your venue eats up half of your budget, then consider a lower priced venue and put that extra money into decor or a honeymoon.

For example, At Weddings at Our Place, you can spend less and get more.  You do not have to spend your whole budget on the venue. You can make it as simple or elegant as you like and have money to put into other options.

If you cant get the few last minute details bought or made, do not worry. No one will notice it is missing.

Consider what will make you happy and create the memories you desire. Do not worry about what each guest may want. I promise you, they will come for you!  Not what you offer them.

In summary,  this is your Wedding Day. Congratulations and enjoy.


Weddings at Our Place
102 S. 9th
Beech Grove, IN 46107

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