To drink, or Not to drink! That is the question!

Good Morning Brides and Grooms! We hope your planning is coming along nicely! As many of you contemplate having alcohol at your wedding or not, here are a few things to consider when making this decision.

1: Are you considering Alcohol because you want it or because you think your guest will want to drink? Remember, you are the one paying for this. Not your guest. Your guest will attend to share your special day with or without drinking. Now, how long they stay, and how long you wish to party, may have a little bearing on if you provide alcohol or not.

2: Does your Venue Allow Alcohol? If having alcohol is a consideration, ask this before you book your venue. Many venues will allow it for a premium charge. In fact, many will make you use their bartender and buy their alcohol. If a venue does not have it’s own license, you MUST find out what you need to have in order to offer it at your Wedding. Excise is very particular and if a venue does not have their own license and tells you that you do not need anything additional, I would stay clear of them. That means, either they do not know the excise laws or they are taking a gamble that your event as well as their venue could be shut down. Sometimes, cheap venues, are not the way to go. You just need to make sure you know and are well within the laws.

3: Do you want an open bar or a cash bar? This totally depends on your budget and your guest. Of course, It’s nice to provide an open bar, however, economically, this may not be feasible. There is nothing wrong with a Cash Bar if this helps you provide Alcohol without much of the expense.

4: Make sure you have the proper permits, licenses, bartender and proper liability insurance.

5: You can always hire a company that already knows how to do all this and will take the stress off of you!

Contact us at Weddings at Our Place if you would like more information. We would be happy to help.

Whatever you decide, you will have a beautiful day that will be shared with love by family and friends! Best Wishes, and Merry Christmas to all!

Weddings at Our Place 102 S. 9th Beech Grove, IN 46107 317-222-4158


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