DIY versus Hiring Help

Planning a wedding easy and cheap, said “NO ONE”.  So, now you know what your budget is and what your wishes are, but you find that you need to cut out something to save money, or you just ask yourself, do we really need this or that? Asking yourself the big question, How can we save money? Easily one of the biggest questions for couples.

At Wedding’s at Our Place we hear so often, “we are paying for this ourselves” With today’s economy, this is very normal. Our 1st advice is, plan ahead! Do not try to rush a wedding. The average wedding is planned at least 13 months in advance if at all possible. This allows you plenty of time to research your best vendors, price shop, and make deposits to secure vendors for you special day! Make sure the overall cost is realistic and you can make the payments monthly as needed to have everything paid off prior to your Wedding day.

You do not want to be stressed last minute. There will always be last minute purchases you will need extra money saved for. Many things can be done ahead of time and over the course of your planning. For example: If you use fake flowers, you can make these as flowers go on sale. Enlist the help of your friends, family and bridal party. Have a girls night of pizza, wine and bouquets/centerpieces. If you are not creative or do not have the time and you are hiring the décor out, give the chosen vendor plenty of time to make these for you. These are time consuming and it is best to start right away.

2nd, even the most organized couple needs a day of wedding coordinator! This can be someone that knows you well. Can make decisions for you based on the timeline and information you have given them and is not afraid to boss people around per say. They will run around like a chicken with their head cut off! You CANNOT do this! The coordinator oversees the entire day from beginning to end. They make sure everything goes as planned. Vendors show up on time. Guest are properly seated, decorations are placed appropriately and everyone knows when and where to be. They can also assist the dj with timeline as to when to announce your grand reception entrance, etc. If someone needs to run out last minute to the store, they can delegate that. This person is best if hired and a professional, however, if budget doesn’t allow, or you have someone that fits this position, by all means, you can save money here. Choose someone that is NOT in your bridal party. Not an immediate family member, like your mother. Maybe a cousin or aunt would be a good choice? Keep them in the loop for the entire planning process and things will run very smoothly.

3rd, We have a few areas that we feel it is very important to hire a professional if at all possible. Now many people choose to have a family member or friend take care of these, however, it has been our experience that professionals are much better at Photography and DJ. A photographer/videographer is vital! These are the Only pictures you will have of this one time event. Make sure you research and are comfortable you have hired someone that captures the most intricate details of your day. Confirm they have several back up methods and are good at editing. Going cheaper on this is not recommended.

4th, Let’s face it, the reception, is a big party where you want to relax, have fun and no worries. A DJ can truly make or break your wedding and reception. The enthusiasm, professionalism and genre of music is what makes a good reception. Yes, Dj’s can be a bit expensive, however, they have a lot of time and money into equipment. Plugging in a cord and laptop is a cheaper alternative, but you need someone that can play to your crowd. They need to be engaging and know what gets your crowd dancing and what doesn’t. They can evaluate your guest thru the day and determine when to play what and they will not be afraid to get on the mic and get your guest roaring! A professional DJ is a must in our opinion.

5th, Your venue is of utmost importance. So many things to consider. Such as space, location, amenities, and of course price. You cannot compare these apples to apples so as you look around, consider what is important to you and your fiancé and do not just settle on a venue because it is cheaper. Consider the whole package on what they provide and how much it will cost you to bring in things they do not. All venues should provide the basics, if you have to rent tables and chairs, holy cow! Have you priced those? Or a tent, or if they do not have kitchen facilities, have you priced a caterer, etc. The range of venues is so great that you really need to determine what is really important and what fits your style and budget. Also, look at your representative, are you just a booking to them or do they really care about you and your day? Are they easy to get a hold of? Have they ever double booked accidentally? Lots to think about here.

Your officiate can be anyone you know willing to get a 3 day temporary permit or you can hire this. This should be someone that fits with your personality, knows you or has at least met with you and you are comfortable with what will be said. Make sure they are willing to do your rehearsal also. Very important unless you are doing an elopement. Cakes have changed over the years, due to the cost, many have gone to a smaller cake and cupcakes for guest. This is completely acceptable and highly recommended. Make sure whomever you have do this, you have relayed details on your décor and have tasted samples of what they will make for you.

Food, oh my, yes Food! What to do? Many try to save money by having mom or grandma cook. WRONG! Please please, please I beg you, hire a caterer. Not only will you really not save that much money, but the time and stress is worth so much. Family should be able to enjoy your day with you and not stress in the kitchen. If at all possible, please hire a caterer. There are so many that charge a fair price and is so worth it!

In a nutshell, planning a wedding, consider your wants vs needs! Get your needs planned first, then have fun with your wants. No one will know what has been cut out if you cannot do everything you wanted except you. Best wishes and Happy Planning!

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