How can I save money?

DIY versus for hire

How can I save money?!?  Easily one of the biggest issues on the mind of the DIY couple.  So often we hear “we are paying for this ourselves”.  We believe this is the state of the economy versus the willingness of parents or a societal change, but in any case, it is the current state of affairs.

Many things can be done in advance, and by friends and family, but some are better left to professionals.  If your cousin is a professional and offers you a discount, so much the better, but…

You don’t want to be running around, on your wedding day, making sure everyone is in place and has what they need.  If you don’t want a full wedding coordinator, at least consider a day of coordinator.  It is amazing the things that pop up last minute.

Let’s face it, it is all about the party. A DJ can make or break a party, and therefore your wedding day.  Just playing a playlist doesn’t cut it.  Meet in advance of your wedding and tell them want you want played for each segment; bridal party, bride, moms, first dance, father/daughter dance, bouquet toss, etc.

You probably won’t even remember your actual ceremony, but everyone else will.  And there will be picture and/or video to back it up.  Consider both.  You will wish you could revisit the moment you forgot, and this will allow that.  Don’t skimp, again this is YOUR DAY and you want that memory preserved for all eternity.

Meet with your officiant at least thirty (30) days prior and be sure you have all the components you want included.  Kids part of the ceremony? Blended families can make for a beautiful wedding experience.


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