What is a Coordinator?

The wedding business is more involved than I ever imagined it to be. I have learned so much from other vendors and couples as well as coming to my own conclusions.

Many brides have the time, energy and creativity to handle the entire planning from beginning to end. However, in most cases, I have found that today’s brides are just too busy with work, family, life as well as many whom do not know where to begin and could use a little help in the planning and coordinating of such an important day.

Coordinating is not just another expense. It is a very important expense that can be well worth the money. Now let me digress a moment, typically, a Bride will say, oh my friends or family are helping me, and in some cases, this remains true and helpful. However, I have seen family arguments, maid of honor quit or get “fired” and friendships lost during this process. Why? Because it can be stressful! The coordinator not only needs to understand your dream and bring it to fruition, but they do all or most of the time consuming legwork. They also know from experience, the best resources and prices. There are two types of coordinators. Day of and planning. Day of coordinating is not something you want your friends or family taking care of. This person should not be part of your day! They need to know all of your wishes, your timeline, be familiar with your other vendors, your venue and a crash course in learning the key people of the wedding party and key guest. They usually arrive at the venue before you do. They make sure everything is set up as you wish, they ensure all vendors arrive timely and know where to set up, they need to be patient, yet firm, kind, yet aggressive, organized yet flexible. A good day of coordinator is not afraid to make a decision and not bother you with petty questions. They allow you to worry about nothing the day of. So many things almost always go wrong and with a good day of coordinator, you will never know! Why? Because they have it handled. All the way down to pinning on butaneers, to keeping everyone on schedule, to making sure the ceremony and reception go off without a flaw. They are typically on their feet 8 plus hours without eating, and run their legs off. So whatever that is worth to you, put this expense in your budget.

Now, a planning coordinator will usually do day of as well, this just helps reinforce their knowledge of your day. They take all the legwork away from you. From the beginning, they will set up vendor meets, gather quotes, coordinating your food, linens, decor, DJ, officiate, flowers, cake, etc and make sure it all flows and at a price you need. They allow you to make your choices but do all the time consuming work. They work for you, so of course, they will look for the best bang for your buck. They spend countless hours on the phone with you, with vendors, going back and forth. They review contracts, they may even handle your payments to make sure everything is coming together and no surprises at the end. I have seen Brides say, oh I’m doing this myself, half way thru they hire a Planning coordinator anyway. Please, if you have the time to search for hours for the best deal, by all means do it, but if you don’t, realize you are not giving up control, just saving your sanity! Hire a planning coordinator. If your venue offers one, make sure you know what that includes. Don’t assume they are doing this for free. No way possible. If your venue offers this for “free” consider what your price for the venue is, then determine, if it is free. If your venue offers this as an option, price around, compare apples to apples and see what you get for your money, then choose whatever fits you or whomever fits you best. In the end, everyone in the wedding industry is here to look out for your best interest! Why? Because their reputation depends on it. So whatever you choose, know you have chosen what is best for you and your dream day. Happy Planning from Weddings at Our Place, where It is your day, your way! 901 Alton, Beech Grove, IN 46107, 317-222-4158.


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