I am engaged! Now what?

So now what do I do?  I have met the love of my life! My Soulmate, My Best Friend, My Everything!  We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!  I have dreamed of this day!  The day he asked me to marry him has finally happened!  We are so excited!   But now, I have all these questions, people asking me, When, Where, Colors, Who is in the Bridal Party, Where are you going on your honeymoon, what food are we having, who is our photographer, dj, etc.

Oh my gosh!  That happy moment just turned into dazed and confused, and stress and I am feeling overwhelmed.  I don’t have these answers!  I didn’t even realize I had to know some of these things.   My excitement has now turned into my head pounding, my focus lost, confusion has set in and I do not know where to turn!  So help me please!

No Worries!  Wedding’s at Our Place is here to help you ease the pain!  Turn that moment back in time and just remember, this is YOUR special day!  So, here are the first 10 tips for after your engagement!

1:  Breathe (Take a deep breath every time you feel overwhelmed)  This will set the tone, give you focus and revitalize your senses. Remember this #1 tip over this whole process!

2:  Pick a time of year you would like to have your ceremony!  (Not a date, a time of year) Do you love the Fall leaves and crisp Autumn breeze?  Would you prefer a Romantic Holiday Theme? Or are you all about the hot summer nights?

3:  Decide how far you are willing to travel and have your guest travel to attend your Special Day.

4:  Start taking tours of Venues!  No need yet for pricing, just tour what is available.  Research and get ideas of what is available.  After touring, decide what fits your taste, location, atmosphere, does the venue fit your guest needs and your desires. Now, narrow down to 2 or 3 top Venues.  Now look at pricing!  If budget was not a factor, which Venue would you choose?  If budget is a factor, which Venue is not realistic. If your venue offers or requires their vendors, that eliminates many steps!  However, just because a venue offers other services, that may not be the best for you. Consider they may have a deal or they may not.   Now, CHOOSE YOUR VENUE!  BOOK IT AND SET YOUR DATE. Most Venues are booked 13 or more months ahead. Do not procrastinate.

5:  Now, time to research prices on a DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Cake, Catering, Wedding Coordinator, and Bartender if having alcohol.  No need to book this early, but do your homework and do not pick the first one you find.  Check reviews. Expensive doesn’t always mean better.

6:  Talk to your friends and ask them to be in your bridal party. Make sure you are clear as to who will pay for their attire at this time.

7:  Look at colors and themes. Start rounding up ideas for your decorations.

8:  Put together your initial Guest List

9:  Price rings and start looking at dresses/tuxes (casual wear is very popular now days)

10: Discuss with each other your budget and make a list of all your wishes!  3 columns.
1.  Must have’s (expenses you cannot do without) in other words, deal breakers
2.  Would like to have (expenses that you will have if budget allows)
3.  Realistic amount you can spend monthly to pay for the total wedding expense.

Now you are all set!  The leg work is in motion and you can go back to answering those questions with a clear mind.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the engagement!

Weddings at Our Place
102 S. 9th
Beech Grove, IN 46107

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