Choosing a date!

Save the date!

Being a venue, we are seeing a vast majority of couples choosing a date before anything else. Although, this is a very important first step, it seems to pose a few problems. Now, with that being said, many choose a date for specific reasons.
1:  The day is sentimental
2:  Its a day you can get off work
3:  Family can be in town

The problem with choosing a date first is you may have to book a venue that is available even paying more to get your date or your favorite venue may already be booked and you will need to choose another date. Either way, you may need to decide if the date or venue takes priority.

If you just got engaged, start looking at venues immediately. This should be something you take your time exploring. You cannot compare them apples to apples. Some will have almost everything you want and some will not. Budget will dictate your options as well. Shop around and consider this as a small investment, however, a venue should not be the majority of your budget. If you have to give up other desires to pay for a venue then consider other options. Yes it is very important. But chances are, you can make a less expensive venue look just as elegant as a pricey one. Your guest will be there for you, not the venue. Your pictures will be beautiful with an experienced photographer. Put more thought into your decor. Centerpieces and linens totally transform a room into an elegant masterpiece.

Most venues are booking at least a year out and many much longer. So if at all possible, choose a venue, then set a date. If not possible, consider booking 2-3 years out to have the perfect for you date.

When picking a date, you may also want to consider what time of year, every year, do you want to vacation or celebrate?

Just food for thought.

Happy Planning!

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